Some great comments about Kathy's appearance at our last Breakfast Meeting


Kathy - Your speech today at the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast was exceptional. So appreciate your sharing your faith and your journey. 

Kathy - l'm stuck in Jeff City so I couldn't make it this morning but my wife Melissa told me you were "amazing!- Update. Was just in a senate hearing and a couple mayors were raving about it as well! Iam going to have to find a link to hear for myself!

I wanted to take a moment to simply say thank you for your wonderful comments this morning during the Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast. I am not a very religions person on most days. But I did find your words today - and even your incredible faith - so very inspirational. No matter what we believe that drives us forward in life, we should all strive to live our lives like you do with your family. Again, thank you for sharing your inspirational story. And thank you for all you are doing to make Kansas City such a wonderful place to live and raise a family.  lt is much appreciated out here.

Well Done! You were well prepared. Delivered your comments with emotion and Passion, and your content was spot on. Congratulations.

You had me crying, laughing, praising and loving this morning! Best speaker ever!!! I really enjoyed listening to your story. Thank you for inspiring me this morning. lt was so nice to be in an environment where you could wear your spirituality on your shoulder!

I wanted to express my gratitude for your speech. lt was a great reminder that as city leaders, the lessons of our shared faith are our guiding principles. Well done. I hope we can cross paths at some point in the future.

You were so amazing this morning and what an awesome story you told and how Christ has influenced your life in so many ways! You are truly an inspiration to me and so many others and very fortunate to call you a friend.

Homerun, touchdown, slam dunk... ...What an incredible job this morning. Thank you! As mentioned you supplied the pivot and inspiration for our speaker model going forward. Congratulations! God Bless.

You were so good! Thank you for not being afraid to share your faith. I am also counting on the worst thing is never the last thing.

THANK YOU - For sharing YOUR PRAYER BREAKFAST TABLE with us this morning at such a lovely event, where we were BLESSED to hear your GODLY Testimony!

Surely you hear this often yet I believe you can't hear it enough in that you are an authentic, brilliant, committed and positive mother/wife/friend/mentor/leader/community activist and CoGSD (Chief of Get Stuff Done)!l! I have so enjoyed getting to know you and have a deep admiration for the way you look at the world. Thank you for being you.

l'm writing to say "thank you" for your presentation yesterday morning. lt was truly inspiring and challenging, and I'm so glad that you brought such a powerful and moving testimony to that program. I pray that God blessed you in the process, and that you're reassured that your words, your life, make a beautiful witness to a life dedicated to following God's plan, Thank you for being faithful.

I just wanted to send a short note, to tell you how much I appreciated your speaking to the group this morning. Your story was very touching and inspirational. Thank you for sharing. I think it's very important to let people know when they've done such a great job and touched individuals on a personal and spiritual level.

Kathy, I was at the Mayors’ Breakfast on Monday and was genuinely inspired by what can only be described as "your testimony". Thank you for sharing. I am convinced that we are all better served when people of faith are in positions of leadership.

Kathy Nelson received a standing ovation after her Keynote speech at the Mayor's Prayer Breakfast yesterday! "You can tell the quality of leader by the people they surround themselves with. I am blessed to be surrounded by a loving family, incredible staff & a caring city. Hebrews 6:10: God will never forget the work you did and the love you showed."

Courageous. Vulnerable. Impactful. Funny. lnspirational.

The worst thing is never the last thing.

Kathy, what a wonderful job you did yesterday. Over my years of attending there haven't been very many that truly emphasized genuine spirituality. We bought a table for the first time & I had 9 other staff members there. I had "warned" them that they may not see much in the way of genuine Biblical faith. But what a wonderful surprise to have you share your testimony! You made our day - giving hope for some element of "revival" in our country that is so needed. ln shared his testimony and that was the last time that I remember such a strong message.

Your keynote at the Mayor's breakfast resonated with me in so many ways! By the standing ovation, the oo's and aa's, and the laughter shared with some of your stories, I would say that you also captured the heart and minds of so many others.

I want to thank you for our courage and openness to share your faith in Christ at the Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast.  God is using you in amazing ways.  I commend you for staying open to his plans.

Thank you for sharing your story at the Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast.  You did a fantastic job!  I really enjoyed hearing about your upbringing, your own faith journey and lessons for leadership.  It was almost a TED talk on how to e a good leader and to really care for your team!