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The Mayors’ Prayer Breakfast Committee was founded in 1961, by Clair Schroeder, a banker and officer with the predecessor of UMB Bank.  The first Breakfast was held on February 22, 1962.

banner-message1This was the first prayer breakfast group in the nation to include members of all faiths, communities, races, creeds, national origins and ethnic groups on the Steering Committee and Corporate Organization.  It was the first breakfast lay group of this kind, and was the first not to include elected officials or members of the Clergy on the Steering Committee and Corporate Organization.

It was the first prayer breakfast group in the nation to incorporate a cardinal principle not to include an evangelistic effort to convert individuals to another major faith or denomination, and not to proselyte individuals of one major faith or denomination by another.

The purposes are:

  • To emphasize greater ethics, morality and spirituality in our professions, government, business and labor.
  • To be a personal religious emphasis and relationship to God and to man.  Each individual to carry out this purpose to the best and most effective way possible in their family life, church life, business and professional life, social and civic life.
  • The speaker, a recognized leader in the professions, government or business, is to be chosen for their personal religious commitment.  An individual who exemplifies the highest values, spirituality, morally ethically and through this will challenge other to do the same; one who will inspire those in attendance to determine to follow their religious beliefs, commitments, insights and convictions in their daily living.


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Notable SpeakersOver the years, the Mayors' Prayer Breakfast has had many distinguished guest speakers.

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